What Is The Secret??

Hi My Name Is Rikki And I Live In London Town, U.K

Basically I am infatuated with Secret Doors, Secret Tunnels & Passages, Fake Walls and anything that was put there 100’s of years ago for us to find or utilize.

This is a blog dedicated to all the secrets in the world.

It is about sharing the discovery, mystery and all the wonderful things that others may not know about.


It can be anything from a hidden tranquil garden in London, to a secret cinema that sends out random emails to arrange bizarre screening of your film classics.

I had a distant obsession with the Freemason‘s, and after years of much reading and digging I seem to know less than when I started!  I find the concept of a secret race/organisation/entity rather compelling and I simply want to know more!

Feel free to share your experiences and if you have found out any secret locations or wonders.

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