NeverWet: What Kind of Strange, Sick and Wonderful Water-Repelling Voodoo Is This?!

Simply amazing! I can not believe someone has invented a fully waterproof solution. Go NeverWet


“I’m looking for some NeverWet,” I said to the first person I could find inside my local Home Depot on Saturday. I was trying not to sound too excited while at the same time somehow trying to say NeverWet in the least sexual way possible. It’s kind of a weird product name.

But it’s a good product name in the sense that, as you can see in the above video, whatever you spray it on appears to never get wet. The first demo, where the girl sprays the NeverWet into the cooking pan, makes my brain hurt. Water isn’t supposed to behave like that.

“You and everyone else,” replied the Home Depot guy. I was lost in thought like Ralphie in A Christmas Story dreaming about his Red Ryder BB gun, but quickly snapped back into reality, remembering that I had asked where to find the stuff.

So for now…

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German researchers make progress on a long-lasting battery for electric cars

You know all of the nonsense we post to get people to look at our special blogs??? Well THIS is the sort of thing we should be spreading. Excellent news.


Battery technology is one of the major hurdles to the mass adoption of electric vehicles, and batteries that lose their capacity are also the scourge of our gadget-filled lives. One potential solution to this problem has recently been announced by a German research center, which claims to have produced a long-life and high-power battery.

The issue with batteries is that they lose capacity and reliability over time as they are charged and discharged. The very chemical reactions that make lithium-ion an effective technology also ultimately lead to its undoing, eventually causing capacity fade and lower rates that kill the battery. This problem is compounded at high temperatures, like those in electric vehicles.

Ford Focus ElectricBut the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (its German acronym is ZSW), a non-profit research consortium, says that its newly developed batteries last as long, or longer than, most people own a car, meaning that…

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How to regenerate bone: Molly Stevens at TEDGlobal 2013

This was a secret, until they announced it on TED. Amazing innovation.


TED Blog

Molly Stevens would like to introduce you to the first blue tooth. No literally, a blue tooth made out of shell. In the days of the ancient Mayans, when a tooth was lost, it would be replaced with bit of blue shell. The chemistry and architecture of this shell worked beautifully as a tooth replacement, and would even, eventually, integrate into the jaw.

Stevens works with biomaterials, and she’s fascinated by the way materials can be creatively used in the body to improve health and minimize suffering. She gives another example: a physician who worked with fighter plane pilots and noticed that they’d often get shards of material in their eye — plastic from the shell of the plane. Because it produced no inflammatory response, he realized he could use this same plastic to create a lens to be placed directly into the eye — the first intraocular lenses, which…

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The Secret Seven Noses of Soho

So fascinating, I am sure I have seen these and been like “what the heyal” he had to be called Rick, just like me LOL.


Secret London

HIGH on the corner of Meard Street, Soho, is a large sculpted nose. It is claimed as one of seven noses that once decorated the area. Legend has it that if you find them, you are assured of eternal wealth.

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Finding Confucius – Hidden London

Amazing – I love this blog, it seems that we share the same interests – who doesn’t like SECRETS?


life through my lens

On Sunday last week I had the opportunity to go walkabout throught the streets of London.  I discover many fascinating places, buildings, sculptures and historic streets and parks on these excursions.  One of the places I stumbled across was King’s College London where I found this delightful statue in the gardens.

in the next little garden was this rather lovely fountain…..

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X-Rays Shows Hidden Secrets In Tudor Treasures

Something to get us going – I found this on HuffingtonPosts website.

Despite the many centuries of analysis and deliberation by art historians and critics, it appears two Tudor portrait paintings have been harboring creative secrets, until now.

Infrared reflectography and x-radiography analysis has revealed a fully worked up version of The Flagellation of Christ painted beneath the surface of a 1601 portrait of the Lord Treasurer and poet Thomas Sackville, 1st Earl of Dorset.

Secrets behind a Tudor painting

Secrets hidden in a Tudor painting

Very interesting stuff.