How to regenerate bone: Molly Stevens at TEDGlobal 2013

This was a secret, until they announced it on TED. Amazing innovation.


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Molly Stevens would like to introduce you to the first blue tooth. No literally, a blue tooth made out of shell. In the days of the ancient Mayans, when a tooth was lost, it would be replaced with bit of blue shell. The chemistry and architecture of this shell worked beautifully as a tooth replacement, and would even, eventually, integrate into the jaw.

Stevens works with biomaterials, and she’s fascinated by the way materials can be creatively used in the body to improve health and minimize suffering. She gives another example: a physician who worked with fighter plane pilots and noticed that they’d often get shards of material in their eye — plastic from the shell of the plane. Because it produced no inflammatory response, he realized he could use this same plastic to create a lens to be placed directly into the eye — the first intraocular lenses, which…

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